Saturday, April 12, 2008

Isn't this bike a beauty? Would you believe she's MINE??!!  I rode her home today, against the rational advice of everyone. You see, I haven't driven a bike in almost a decade, and the one I DID ride was a little Honda Rebel. What is that engine, a 500 at most? This baby has a 1420cc grumbly rumbly heart that just makes mine trip all over itself.
So, here I am, at the dealership, ( It's 48 degrees out. The sales-chick, Stephanie, was great. She teared up right along with me, as she handed me the keys and said, "Hey Becky, Start up your bike". 
Ok, where was I? 48 degrees, and it starts to rain. Hubby has offered and re-offered to drive her home for me, and while I was "practicing" in the back parking lot, he JUST about insisted. Well,(ME DO IT comes to mind from my the kids toddler days) I made it home alive! My journey took me around 2 traffic circles, thru our busy states capital at LUNCH TIME, thru Rain and potholes and going a little wide right before my OWN driveway, due to sand and a little bit too much speed. Wahoo for me! Hands numb, smile shit eating grin, snot stuck to my face, I couldn't have been happier. Living in the moment, I was really, REALLY proud of me, and felt like a "chick" again, instead of "the ole lady".
So, pray for me, wont you please? That I get lots of practice time before going out with a group. That I don't crash. That I keep her upright, and oh yeah, that I get off the danged thing once in awhile to do some housework/yardwork/pay attn to my family! (GRIN) 
In the wind..... 


Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

LOL...Your so funny!

SAWEEET! congrats

Watch out for all the wackos on the wishes to ya!

Diane said...

oooooOOO shiny! It's beautiful, huge, powerful - awesome bike! Congrats. Hopefully you'll not always have numb hands hehehe (but I sure would).