Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So very thankful...

Hi friends,
In reading my friends posts on Xanga, I was inspired by a lady who is a stay at home, home schooling mother of 5 somewhat mischeivous kids. She posted about all of the things she was thankful for. I am wanting to do the same:
  • for my children that are still living at home. T is such a sweet 17 yr old. I watch him struggle with being a young "man" instead of a boy, but the bottom line is he will always be my snuggly, cuddly, big hearted Tommybird.
  • my home and my husband, who has renovated and improved our home so much. When we bought it 13 yrs ago, it was a 2 br one bath ranch. It's now a 5 bedroom, 2 bath Colonial with a big wrap around porch.... remodeled kitchen, and manicured lawns.
  • my job. My profession. I have been very blessed, to have had several different jobs. My profession is one in which there is always a need for nurses. I am currently working for hospice. I've done this work in the past, with a 6 year break to do other things. I believe in the cause, and have a wonderful salaried position, on call at night. My position is "triage" nurse. 4p to 8a. I don't have to go out very often, but dispatch a nurse to make the visit, and work every other weekend as triage nurse and supervisor of the nurses and LPNs on over the weekend. I love my patients. I mostly see them to pronounce, but once in awhile.... like the 17yr old boy we have on service right now... or the concert celloist that died last week, but I'd gone out to see a couple times. I'm so fortunate.
  • my daughter, specifically, who makes me laugh and keepsme on my toes. Tim says she's JUST like her mother. (grin) No wonder she's so infuriating!!!

That's a start.

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