Friday, August 29, 2008

starting back up...

I just counted, and I think I have 7 blogs out here in cyber world. Am thinking about organizing them. (gasp... horrors, I said the O word!) Do I make one post in notepad and then paste it to all my sites, or do I use each different site to post about different aspects of my life? I think the first, because I keep stumbling on cross links... and I don't want my christian friends to be put off by some of my bike chick-isms... or my family friends to be shocked that I'm a playboy model in my spare time. *(yeah, they'd be shocked... seeings my body is a "plus" size.. and we all know how america feels about them! ) I know some of my other blogs allow posting via email acct... you just write an email, send it to your blogs addy, and it posts. Wouldn't that be cool?

So... Beginning of a long work week for me. Working at... oh, noon... til 4 at the Hospice House, staying there but also on call, 4p til 8am monday morning. So long family! I find that I HAVE to be at the office, or I just can't stay focused. Will post from there if I get a chance.
Hello to some new friends... Hope we can get to be real friends over time