Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5:40am. My dog is lying on her special blankie, pretty much comatose to the world, and not in a "all is right with the world" kinda way. She's old. 84 in people years. Sore? Not when we remember to give her the Metacam. Piddles on the floor once in awhile. Tonite, there has been utter chaos in the house, of a proportion she's definately not used to. Granted, usually she's in the midst of the commotion if we havea party; stub wagging, eyes pleading for a scrap of food.
Tonite, as I said, she's on her blankie. Hasn't moved. Someone stepped on her paw. She didn't even move, tho she is awake. She's vomited bile a couple of times, right where she lay. Now usually, this dog is the queen of all queen ralphers. Ya can HEAR her stomach start to heave thru closed doors. Then she lets fly, and seriously, you can't do anything but look, and wonder if she left her stomach there on the floor as well. Tonites vomit was quiet and just kinda trickled out. Hope you're loving the graphics dear readers. (grin) Not sure if she's really sick, or just totally distraught over the chaos. I know she's acting like I feel. SICK to my stomach. Time for this night to be over, for everybody to go to sleep, get up, clean my house and be gone.
On a different note, spoke to Brandon this morning. yeah. 4am, me calling him for a change. all of a sudden tonite, the water stopped running in the house. Apparently the switch mysteriously got shut off on the water pump downstairs. Yeah, it's kinda up and out of the way, but I suppose it could have been tapped. Musta, cause now the water is working fine. Note to self for future reference, it's a fairly benign way to stop the goings on of "Beirut" which requires water in cups, so it seems. Have I mentioned how silly drunken barely adult boys are? Girls too for that matter. Wow. These boys were FUUUUcked up, to quote Shady. Don't remember ever getting that drunk, well, when I did, atleast I still sang on key, danced like Madonna, and had some prolific things to say. (grin) wonder if passers by would have agreed with my opinion on that. ha!
Tims in Iraq. He left country on Saturday. It's going on Weds now, day is ending over there, and haven't heard from him. Kinda bizarre. I know he'll call when he can. Would just be nice to know he's ok. Settled. So I have some news for the peeps, ya know?
Guess that's it for this post. Yawn... it's gonna be a long day. Had some intentions today. Guess that's not gonna happen. sigh. Tommy owes me, BIG time.

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