Saturday, October 24, 2009

End of October

WHERE has the time gone? It's almost time to "Fall back" again. The trees are nearly bare, the grounds covered with dried, crunchy, shimmering leaves this morning as I contemplate my walk on the frost covered road. Smells nice! My nose has recognized that it's Autumn, and we've gone thru a correspondingly insane amount of Kleenex.
Hubby has left for Iraq. I'm sure there'll be more blogs about this in the future, as he's gone til mid January atleast. :(
Tom thinks he's moving in with his band next week... I hope he has a hell of a good time, doesn't sink himself too far into the hole financially, and that he comes back home with a decent respect for what we have here.
J Liz just finished Vollyball season and starts Basketball next week. Girlscouts on Fridays or Sundays, dance classes on Monday and thursdays if she doesn't have practice... and she's busy. On Honor role right now, hopefully that will continue.
As for me, more of the same. Working hospice call right now, and trying to find some semblance of order around here. Starting Nov 1 I'm working diligently on a novel I've been wanting to write... so if you see me on here posting some, feel free to poke me and tell me to get back to writing.
Drempt about being rehired for the birth center last night. It was a sweet dream, that's for sure, and ended with me crying when I walked in for report and everyone stopped to applaud/hug me. waaaaaAH!
I guess that's about it for now!

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