Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged. Here... xanga... anywhere! Gotta get back ontop of that. I love blogging, and reading my friends blogs. Seriously, I could do it all day. Then again, I could do anything having to do with sitting in front of this screen, all day. I think it's why hubby won't agree to us buying a big fancy screen, because the only way I step away is if my eyes hurt! Doh! Grow UP Beck!

Speaking of hubb. He's fresh back from Iraq. No, not Qatar, not the perimiter, but Balad, where all the action is. He did a very good job of not letting me know how much danger he was in, and seriously I wasn't worried, but now that he's back and talks about the 44 times they were under attack, I'm like "what the #*$&!!" Glad that he is home safe. I had this nice idealistic home coming planned. Eh, that idea lasted about 2 days. He's back to hogging the remote, taking me for granted, siding with the girl and messing up the routine. He's kinda cute tho. Guess I'll keep him for a while longer. Right now we've some decisions to make. Saved some of the Christmas presents/festivities for when he got home, now gotta figure out when to do things. Also, this May is our 20th wedding anniversary. We've planned all along to go back to Hawaii, but now he's making other suggestions. He wants to bring Jordan along, I DO NOT. I would be willing to bet that, before we get this all figured out, the sentence "fine, why don't you take JORDAN and go on our anniversary vacation then?!@" will pop out of my mouth! I just feel it coming!

Have recently embarked on a bit of a spiritual journey, if you will. Have my first Reiki class under my belt and just need to practice more... Terri has declared himself a Shaman, and John a Medicine Man. John is a really cool dude, and I find myself very attracted to him. Not really sexually, but in an energy kinda way. I have met my spirit guide, Aileya, and my angel Amanda insisted on joining me the very same day. Everyone that meets her says that she is just so very full of love for me, and they are close to tears when they say it. Aileya, I am working on getting to know better. I was meditating at the table recently, and feel that I "saw" her for the first time... was able to draw her outline, and it was an incredible feeling. I have found that EVERY time that I ask something of my angels, they give it to me. They've helped me find countless things... have gotten me home safe and sound during inclement weather, have helped me to close my aura and be protected from negativity.... my problem is that I haven't made this a habit, of starting out my day talking to them. I really need to do this... as every day that I am cognizant of my spirit guide and angel, goes so much more smoothly than a day without acknowledging them.
Tomorrow I am going to meet a guy named George, for a "class"... on being more in touch with our spirit guides, or something like this. I'm not sure. I feel this is the right path for me, I'm just not sure where it's going to lead.

When I got together with Terri and Jon last week, Jon said something that really grabbed me. Out of the blue he mentioned that something had come to him... Who was HE to interrupt someones journey in life? He believes that everyone has a journey, and needs to go thru the crap they go thru, to grow into the person they need to be to handle whatever life is throwing at them next. This struck me as I have been grappling with how to help Brandon and Amber. Suddenly, I've let it all go, and am just there for the both of them. It feels so much better. so, we'll see what tomorrow holds! Wish me luck!