Thursday, June 3, 2010

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My new profile name, for all things metaphysical.  Can't get that Angel out of my head, from the black sand beach on Maui.  Eh, sounds good to me!  Went to a guided meditation at Eye of the Hawk yesterday morning.  Actually took the bike and Terris friend, well, my friend now, John, went as well, on his new bike.  It was a decent ride even though it was mostly highway.  Stopped for a bit at Panera on the way back, mmm!  Ooops, getting ahead of myself.
So, this meditation was guided by J.Cat.  VERY interesting young man.  I look forward to witnessing some of his work as Oracle, and really liked the meditation.  Very different from George, but interesting and useful none the less.  My intent was a message, some sort of confirmation about what I'm doing.  What I got was mostly at the end, the "gift" which was a picnic basket full of organic fuel for this engine of mine.  Apples and pears, greens, Sparkling water, nuts... and the message, "go back to these!" which I had been putting off anyway!  Before Hawaii, I was doing the organic thing as led by Kara, along with some supplements.  Never felt better, clearer, more beautiful in my life.  (well... maybe more beautiful, but you get my meaning)  Heading on back there, tomorrow morning.  Just kinda fasted today, other than an apple and my "so long for now, old friend" last cuppa joe for awhile. boo hoo!  Not drinking will be tough, as it's summer and we like a drink or two out on the deck each night.  May hafta make allowances for that somehow.  I Talked to J about working with him on my Reiki II attunement.  He was receptive, and thought that we could work something out in the next couple of months.  Then I just need to USE it, a LOT... so that I'll be ready for the Master atunement.  Exciting stuff! 
Well, let's see.  Other than that, not much else is going on.  Bikes running well.  Went down around Wentworth by the sea after meditation.  It was foggy with sea mist.  That was kinda cool.  Considered Friendly Toast, but couldn't find it! 
J home today, driving me crazy, in a good way of course. . 

Cleaning out and throwing out stuff today. Gosh, what a load of crap I've collected!  Laundry is just about done and caught up.  Now to sort and give away.  Emmy wants to have her graduation party here at the end of the month...  and I only want that to happen if I can get the whole house straightened up and in "come see the house" mode.  Huh, that'd be a first!
Enough for now!  Am waiting with baited breath for some of my griends... ooops, uh yeah, that's a cross between girl friends and friends... to sub to this blog.  I'd better figure out some more interesting stuff to say, eh?  Let's see... Oil Spill, 2012, Red Sox.... what'll it be?  Maybe eventually I'll have a following, and then I can ask for opinions! 
For now, this is LavaRockAngel, signing off and flittering away....

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