Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day and the month to come

Just spent a gloriously warm, peaceful, family filled Memorial Day weekend here at home. Got the decks and siding pressure washed (Tim) lawn mowed and buntings out. Summer is here! Took a nice long bike ride to Ben and Jerrys on Sunday. 320 miles and triple scoops later, early bedtimes after hot showers and ibu! Gosh we're getting old. It was cute, that J was the only one with an idea on where to go. "let's go to B & Js" she kidded, and away we rode! It's fun, once in awhile, to totally indulge the child. She and I had an ipod apiece full of new tunes, so were ready for anything!

Now it's back to the grind, and can't help but think that life is pretty darned good. I've read everything I had loaded on my kindle except "pride and Prejudice", so will probably start that soon. Right now I'm reading "Stealing Breakfast from Buddah". It's alright. Doesn't have me on the edge of my seat like a good Koontz book, or wiggling on the chaise from the steaminess (word?) of one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, but I'll finish it. What are you reading that you just can't put down? Always looking for a good read. Once in awhile I'll get an email, or a text or IM from someone, an online friend or a relative, who just HAS to tell me about the latest book they've read. I just adore those messages! Hey, if someone reads something good and thinks of me, that's cool, ya know?
Middle son just applied to NHTI today. He has known for the last year that he wants into a game programming... uh, well yeah, program. He really wants to go to Full Sail in Fla. We've asked him to get his associates here in NH first, and then his dads GI bill will cover a couple years at FS. Maybe that's a little hard assed, but you've gotta know this kid. He uses *3* alarms to get himself up and off to work for 11am, and even THEN I hafta rouse him about half the time. Wash his clothes? Clean his room? Put away the clothes I've washed and folded? nahhhh. How can I expect him to get his butt to class, say nothing about completing assignments on time and correctly??!! They say it happens, but I just can't see it. Trying to think back to my own young adult hood. Hmm, I made it to school and did my work AND worked 30 hrs a week as well as did sports... then went to UNH, met a boy, majored in Pope Puff and the fine art of sneaking beer into the dorm, and was booted after my first year. Maybe I haven't the grounds to predict his behavior or outcome afterall! Hmmm! (wait, before you think, dear reader that I'm drinking beer for a living, 10 yrs later I DID attend the same tech that Tommys applying to, btw, and received my nursing degree. I've been an RN for 14 yrs. Thank heavens for whatever nudge sent me there! (grin)
Anyhow, in the month to come, I am planning to take Reiki II from J.Cat at Eye of the Hawk. Hoping for a more intense program than the first, and to learn a lot from him. Also intend to work on my "angel writings" and will keep you all posted on those. (feel free to ask for more info) J gets out of school the... oh, 15th I think, and hopes to then be leaving to go to VA for the month with Amber and the baby. (Daughter in law and grand daughter) while my son is deployed.

I can't imagine a whole month without her here. Not sure if Momma bird is going to be able to handle such a long stay, may have to scoot down myself just for a few hugs!
Guess I will close for today.
Dear God, Angels, Spirit guides...        Please give me the patience to be, while in the act of becoming! I am such an impatient mortal!

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