Friday, July 2, 2010

Of Empty Nests, Parades and Love of books....

July 2nd.  First full day with my 12 yr old daughter away in VA with my dtr in law and grandbaby.  I miss her!!!  It's just bizarre without someone at my hip.  NOT that she's ever any trouble, but she's always there, ya know?  Didn't do much with my first day of "freedom".  Napped, tried to figure out my computer, went to the bank...  Took a picnic down to the bay and watched folk go by with hubby.  Tried to have a little chat about what we were gonna do with ourselves upon retirement, 4-6 yrs from now.  That turned into a lecture about how I'll never be able to retire if I don't increase the amt taken out of my paycheck, blah blah blah.  heavy sigh!
On call now thru midnight Monday.  Maybe we'll get a ride in this weekend. Have been invited to a couple picnics... Probably will hit the Lionettas, and maybe Sheris as well to say hello to her son Justin who is a marine and home for a little bit before a very dangerous deployment to Afghanistan.
Was really hoping to scoot down to Bristol and catch the 4th of July parade there.  Drop by to see an old friend or three, see my cousin and his wife, maybe even get a glimpse of an old boyfriend who I know will be there with his family...  but mostly to just see the parade, smell the salt air, sip on a Dels and enjoy the ambiance of a place near and dear to my heart!  Alas, I'm on call Monday, and that kinda came about in a haphazard way, so will take it as a sign that I'm not supposed to make it to Bristol this year.  Hey, look at it this way, it gives me a year to work on this bod so that I'm not reacquainting with old friends as the Pillsbury Doughgirl!  hehe!

Reading:  The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender.  Interesting read.  How do I explain it?  She doesn't just let the dialogue tell the story.  Lots of descriptives in a way that make you want to reach out and touch that flower or make you swear you can almost taste that dessert.  Interesting getting to know characters this way, without the "her hair was blond and straight, her eyes of shiny blue".  Will write more about the book when I finish it, but let the record show I'm enjoying the talented writing.  Just goes to show there are many different ways to be a good writer.  I need to read more different authors.  My usual MO is to read a book I like, and then stick with that author until I've exhausted their list of books written.  Nine thirty here, and totally missing the old sofa we used to have on the porch, it's a perfect night for porch sleeping!  Good night ya'll!  (ala Paula Dean)

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