Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visiting Evie, Picking up J

This weekend we're in VA picking up Jordan, who has been down here with Amber and Evie for the last 3 weeks, and also to visit the girls, as we haven't seen them in forever!  Evie has grown so much!  She's running all over the place, and though most of her words are toddler babble, by the 3rd day around her, we're beginning to recognize some words.  She's adorable, loves to mimick and get a reaction out of people.  She's stubborn, and just when you get ready to reprimand her for something, she smiles that angelic smile and laughs a fiendish laugh, and next thing ya know, you're laughing along with her!
She took to Tim immediately, and to me as well, tho he was her fav.  Babies always love my gentle giant. 
Got some adorable pics.  My Camera behaved itself pretty well, I can't complain.  There was one decent pic of me and the baby, so that's good! 
Tomorrow we stop at Ambers to pick up Js laundry, say goodbye and zip out to DC.  Mount Vernon and then back to a hotel for the night, early up and out Tuesday morning with the following agenda..

    • Smithsonian

    • Spy Museum

    • Jefferson Memorial

    • Lincoln Memorial

    • The National Mint
Probably gonna take a couple of days to complete this list.  Ya think?

It's wierd to be in this area, and be walking this walk with my dtr and Tim.  Right before we left home, I had a dream.  Visited by someone that was very important to me about many many yrs ago, it was a pleasant visit, but the message was about letting go.  Accepting the past for the past and letting go.  It was a good lesson, that I'm finally ready to accept and take to heart.  It's a relief, tho I was feeling a little sad about it initially.  My life is into a new chapter now, and the simpler the better.  There is so much more that is more important. 

Are we ready?  I hardly think so, tho the tables are turning, there are more light workers and persons aware, than ever before.  Prayer, honesty, truth and faith... helping ourselves and one another, in the cleanest healthiest way possible.  That is my new objective. 
What are YOUR thoughts on the matter? 

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