Monday, August 30, 2010

~ It's the MOST wonderful TIME of the year....!! ~

God, I love this day!  First day of school here in our little town in NH. I've been loving this day for DECADES!  First of all, as a child and young woman, I always loved the first day of school.  The new clothes, the smell of the bus, the classroom, the books.  Oh, the books!!!  Loved them and read ahead all thru primary education.  Fell asleep with a text on my face many times during nursing school.  Just couldn't get enough!  Now I find myself sneaking peeks at my kids books, well... until yesterday, when my son said, "Moooooom!  Will you LET me have MY college experience, please??!!"  woah.  Ok, back off mother textbook info stalker!  lol.  
That brings me to now.  STILL the greatest day, because after 2 months of lounge lizards who needed a lecture and eventually threats to get them to do their chores, the endless trips to the grocery store because they were eating me out of house and home, and the tug o war to get their covers off and their shiny hineys outta bed before noon each morning, I am READY to have them back in school!!!  (whew! deep breaths Beck, and step aWAY from the soap box)
In all honesty, I'm very proud of my youngest heading off to jr. high like it's just another day in the life of a rockstar, and my middle son, the eldest left here at home, who started his college career today.  He EVEN wore a button up shirt!  Of course, his classes were at 11am and 5pm, and he's not home now, 6 hrs later.. but hey, I suppose he's got better things to do than to come home from school and tell Mommy about his day!  Guess I'll be bouncing on his bed at 7am!  hehe.  I love my kids!  
Without further adieu, here are the "first day of school" pics that I promised not to put on Facebook.  If this blog ever gets popular, I'm dead meat with my children!
"Hey Mom, Who has 2 thumbs and is GOING to college?  THIS GUY! " 

First day of school, she and her "bffl" agreed to wear the tshirts they got at a Fisher Cats game we went to recently!  
The backpack, her Daddys hand me down from his deployment in Iraq, weighs as much as she does!
He really thought he was going to school too!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank you

Thank you God, for these hands, this spirit and the magic of intention. Sometimes, every once in awhile, I get the opportunity to be the nurse I truly want to be. Thank you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hurray!  I have a second follower!  Welcome Amanda/Becky!  Hope I can hold your interest!!! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stick a fork in me...

This is me, today, after working on call all weekend.  I swear, I didn't even know my own name by the time I got home this morning.  Why is it that the older I get, the less I am able to tolerate sleep deprivation?   I can recall days upon end with barely any sleep, an hour caught in the car between nursing school classes, clinical and my night job at the psych hospital.  I functioned just fine.  Maybe I just was so caught up in ME that I didn't realize how it was affecting my moods, behavior, judgement.  Wow.  Certainly not the case now!  I go into every work weekend with notebook in hand, and write down EVERYTHING I possibly can.  By Sunday morning I'm functioning on caffeine alone, and willpower, dammit! 
I did good work this weekend.  I was thorough, helped some people get comfortable and pain free, helped a couple of families feel much better about the care they were giving and the status of their loved one, and even had the honor of being there to hold the hand of someone crossing over to the other side.  For that moment alone, I'd do the whole weekend again.  If only I could find a job that was all hand holding, care and comfort and hugs, and NO paperwork! argh!  The bane of my existence! (Thanks spell check, I wanted to spell that bain) On the other side of the weekend, I slept half of my day off, the other half, this am, spent answering emails and questions about events over the weekend... I'm moody cranky and intolerant of noise or bullshit.  Just bit my husbands head off. (There's blood everywhere) I think back to bed is where I should go.  Knee isn't holding up that well.  NSAIDS help, but have my tummy a little topsy turvy.  We leave for NY on Friday.  Need to pack, and find a dress.  oh ugh.  Shoes too. Screw it, I think I'll just buy new Tevas :D
Can't find my check that I finally got from HD.  groan!  Yeah, bed.  That's it.  Game over.  Restart tomorrow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 2010

Summer 2010 as we know it is coming to a close.  Every year, August rears its searing head and we look around, wondering where the summer has gone.  All of a sudden the kids start looking at sale flyers for clothes, and frantic pleas are made for "one more trip" to the mini golf range, Water Country, one more Saturday night down at the bay listening to whatever band is lined up.  Old home week is right around the corner, complete with town wide scavenger hunt and 5k for young and old alike.  This year there is even more urgency, as our girl has been away for most of the month of July.  Sometimes we need to prioritize.  This is the lesson for our pre-teenager, who doesn't understand why we can't just hurry and DO everything!  Never mind the cumulative $1,500.00 spent from airfare sending her south on her own, to going down for a week to VA to pick her up, spend a few days with the dtr in law and granddaughter, then 4 days in DC showing her everything we can possibly get to.  I have a confession to make.  August 30th can't get here soon enough!