Monday, September 6, 2010

My wish... for me...

      Once upon a time there was this nurse.  She'd seen a lot, she'd done a lot, she'd landed the perfect job.  Surrounded by strong, brilliant, independent women, her coworkers.  Receiving, assessing, caring for women of all kinds, with one thing in common; bringing life into this world.   
     I wish I had paid attn, REALLY paid attention, to those years that now seem like milliseconds in what has been my life thus far. To this DAY, that was the best job ever.  Most days I marveled that they paid me to come in to work every day.  Alas, it came to an end.  Why?  For several reasons.  Miscommunication about some time off that I needed, an inability on my part to ask for help when I was feeling overwhelmed with a complicated patient, and the insertion of my pride that insisted that *I* was every bit as capable as anyone else to do it all myself.  Extreme stress and sleep deprivation  as my best friend and my mom were both fighting to survive cancer.  It just all became too much.  Fortunately, no harm was done, but I wasn't capable of doing the job anymore.  HOW_VERY_SAD that day was for me!  Several days, weeks, months to follow as well, as I grappled for a mere sliver of hold on the mountain of self esteem and humility that had crumbled beneath the words, "we need your badge."   Fast forward several years. Lots has happened.  The women in my life both survived. Other jobs have come and gone.  I've become sedentary in my profession, choosing "easy" over painstaking and rewarding.  
My wish for me, is to return to the smart, quick, compassionate and capable person, if not nurse that once donned those white shoes and kept losing her stethoscope. (grin)
I know we're all a work in progress.  I've decided to stand up to the "work" that has been turning me into an old fat lady. I'm not ready for retirement yet.  Nor complacency.  
Please join me on my journey, to enlightenment, to a lighter me, and to a lighter, more joyous way of life.  Time to let go of that which isn't working, and forge ahead into the unknown, to trust my instincts, interact with clairvoyance and trust in mother nature and all things of the light. 


Two Arrested for Terror Dry Run... 

WHAT is this world coming to?  HOW did these people in any way, shape or form receive ANY leniency?  Who CARES if it's a test run! What do YOU think???