Saturday, January 1, 2011


Interesting day yesterday.  Nothing was as it seemed, and nothing was as it always has been.  The kids were both home, Hubby stayed up.  I napped in his chair until around 11 and barely made it thru the ball drop.  Hey, I was sick, ok?  (grin)  really, I was.  It was just an odd New Years Eve.  Dick Clark did a fairly decent job, all things considered.  He seemed more comfortable this year, which is important, I think.  Seeing the Back Street Boys and NKOTB together was kinda wierd.  They did a good job, it's just awkward to watch 8 grown men sing teeny bopper pop songs.  Shrug.  Whatev!

Anyhow, on to 2011!  What are your New Years Resolutions?  I've not made any mad claims, but think that this will be the year to get myself in better shape.  I'm not talking the usual "I'm gonna lose 50 lbs and go to the gym every day".  I'm talking, eat better, take my suppliments, surround myself only with positive people, speak more gently, be kinder to myself, and enjoy life.  My new job is fairly undemanding.  Instead of trying to do more more more, I'm just gonna let that coast, and take time to write... read... play the piano, the guitar, finish that quilt! 
It's time to give up some things that I thought were making me feel better.  They're not.  They're making me feel bad about myself, and giving me cause to always be looking over my shoulder.  Time to cut that crap out. (nothing illegal folks, no worries)  Time to clean up my act.  GRACE.  Thats the word.  Time to live with Grace.  Oh for pitys sake, I sound like a commercial for the new Oprah Network!  hehe!

 This is a panorama pic I took with my phone.  I just love it, because my whole family is sitting in the new living room, waiting to go to bed on Christmas Eve. There's Jordan, and Tommy, Amber and Brand, and Tims body there on my right.  Just love this pic! 

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