Friday, January 7, 2011

The good ole college try

Happy New Year! 
I saw Kara Hayes yesterday.  You can check her out HERE.  The time has come for me to make a decision.  I am seriously researching Gastric bypass surgery, and feel I need to make one last ditch huge effort to lose weight and become more healthy, before giving in to the surgical intervention.  That being said, I always have trouble remembering the things I do or eat or feel thruout the day, so told myself I'd journal and use that as a reference.  We'll see how it goes!

so, today is DAY 1
Took my cellular help supplement, here after called "Vitality".  Also some G3, which is a juicy power boost of phytonutrients.  Think energy, baby...
0830  1 scoop of Ultra Clear in 1/4c. organic apple juice, 3/4c filtered water and 5 ice cubes. 
 I woke up with a super runny sneezy nose.  Broke down and took an allergy/sinus pill.  No headache, but TIRED!  That's cause the mask isn't working that great.  See the Doc in half an hour on that.  (GASP!  Half an hour!  I don't think my pants are done drying and it's a 20 minute drive!)
Will stop at the store afterwards and get a crapload of veggies and fruits for some swamp water smoothies etc!  
More later.
ps just got invited to a dinner party... no, not pizza, but a real, dress up a little bit cause I wanna, dinner party!  It's on the weekend of my bday, which is a bonus, because it's how I'll get Tim to go, and I get to do something a little different/fun on my day, or close to it.  Cool Beans!
Well, enough procrastinating, time to move it...
Great day you all, hope you have a great day!

Addendum: Let's see... mask issue fixed, I hope, we'll see tonite.  Allergy med helped with sinus issues, but now, 7pm, they're creepin up again.  Took a little nap this afternoon... don't know why I bother w/out the mask, it's like not sleeping and I could just do it perpetually.  
Lunch was tomato/basil soup, a Thai tofu veggie bowl... no preservatives, all organic and all that.  It was ... edible.  Oh, and those "it should be good" multigrain chips!  I really like them, and they're all natural.  Probably not exactly on the detox diet, but it's the first day, and much better, the 20 or so chips I ate, as opposed to the BAG of munchos I wanted!  (grin)  Also had a pear... a bottle of seltzer water... and then a snack of frozen yogurt.  
Tonite, a big salad with iceberg (yeah, I know, but I forgot to pick up something else!) carrots, celery, evoo and balsamic, yum!  A small piece of chicken, a couple bites of stuffing and peas and corn, maybe a tablespoon of each.  
Not too bad huh?  Yeah, and then I had a martini.  doh!
More tomorrow, going to bed!  
PS saw Terri today,  I can honestly say that it didn't rock my world.  Didn't upset me... in fact, it was really nice to be at peace, to have him go on about his stuff, and it didn't effect me.  It made me laugh, when I said, "wow, in the last 24 hrs I've seen Kara, George, John and now you! "  (I was thinking that it was confirmation)  He said, "Yeah, maybe it's a sign that it's time for you to join the world, join the living..."  and I just chuckled to myself... Oh, I've been living... peacefully... little guilt... I'M not the one on self imposed house arrest... I could go on. Suffice it to say that it was nice, to be seperate, at peace, and not be affected by his... stuff.  Thanks Angels, Spirit Guides, Mother Earth, God!

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