Friday, March 25, 2011

Wake up call from God?

Tsunamis, public unrest, Earthquakes, nobody getting along, national deficits with a gazillion zeros attached... What IS the world coming to?  I just finished reading a book, "Last Light" by Terri Blackstock.  Took me a little bit to get into it, as it was evident from the first pages that it was another of those "end of the world" kinda reads,, and I wasn't in the right space to deal... but a week later, I couldn't put it down.  So, this guy and his daughter meet at an airport where he's picking her up from DC.  as she comes off the tarmack, planes start dropping from the sky, cars stop running, televisions, anything with a motor or that takes power.  They WALK many miles home, ride bicycles.  Within 3 days of this mass power outage that seems to be world wide, neighbors are fighting, looting, killing each other and not willing to share.  This man and his family are Christians, and it occurs to him and his wife that this is their opportunity to do Gods work, to help one another and all survive together.  They aren't preachy, but try to do what's right and live by Christian values.  A murderer is in their midst.  They gather water at the river and boil it for proper drinking water.  They cook over wood fires, wash their clothes in the creek, start composting. 
It made me think.... what if this were to happen to us tomorrow?  How would we, "The Pellowes On the Hill" as my brother calls us, survive?  Do we remember how to work hard, and have it in us to do it, sun up to sun down, just to survive with a quart of water and a can of beans a day?  Of course, T does.  He's a hard worker anyway.  As for me, and our princess, we're pretty spoiled.  Makes me worry, and feel guilty.  I should be instilling a better work ethic in this child. 
The book is long finished, but I can't shake the thoughts.  There isn't a reason not to be better prepared... (HORRIBLE sentence, I know)  I toy with wanting a garden this summer, but KNOW I'm horrible at taking care of it.  I'd like to freeze and can some stuff.  Will I?  who knows.  I'd like to tho.  We'll see, I guess.
The thought remains.  How about you?  Are YOU ready for a catastrophe?  Would YOU share with your starving neighbor?  What if you had to MAKE diapers for your baby?  If somebody died, would YOU loot their house and hoard the goods you find, or would you distribute to those more needy than you?  Would YOU kill for the bicycle someone is about to steal from you, it being your only mode of transportation?
Like I said, these thoughts stick with me.  Not since the "Left Behind" series by Tim Lahaye, have I worried so much about the future.  Time to take stock, of my spiritual inventory, as well as the physical one, I think.  Won't you join me? 

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