Monday, August 8, 2011

Miss my girl...

2 wks ago I took our daughter out to Binghamton NY for volleyball camp.  She had a decent time, learned some, and grew from the experience.  I was relieved and proud to see that she could hold her own with girls 1-4 years older than her, stand up for herself, and play as well as, if not better than, atleast half the girls in 9th and 10th grade.

She's still in NY, at my dads, shooting woodchucks, clays, anything they can find to aim at.  Fishing, horse back riding, mini-golfing, going to the rodeo and an amusement park.  She's having a great time.

It's quiet around here.  I have floundered.  Maybe even a little depressed.  Up pops the question.... "WHO am I, when I'm not being chauffer, her biggest fan and athletic supporter, chef, seamstress, maid, life-coach, go-fer and bottomless bank? Can't say I've amounted to much.  Have gotten together with some friends that we usually don't have time to see. (Glen and Marissa, Lori and Rog, John and Carole, my girlfriends Sallie and Susan in NY)  Le sigh.  She'll be back soon, and I"ll be craving alone time once again.  It has definitely given me pause tho.  The future looks .... boring.  (grin)  Guess I'd better make a list. 

Things to do once the nest is empty
  • get back to quilting
  • finish that book
  • support the troops more than the weekly letters and monthly pkgs
  • volunteer at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen
  • scrapbook all those pictures
  • take a cruise with my girlfriends
  • take some online courses, i.e photography, photoshop, writing courses
Well, that's a start, eh?  Late.  I should quit waxing nostalgic and go back to bed. 
Goodnight, world.