Monday, May 13, 2013

Zumba! Mothers Day! Weekends and Progress!

Zumba!  Mothers Day! Weekends and Progress!

Happy Mothers day to all of my mother-readers out there!  I hope your day was as enjoyable as mine!  Hubby reports it was difficult, trying to figure out how to properly honor the mother of his children (cest moi) without involving food.  hee hee.  Good for him to exercise that imagination of his once in awhile.  We DID go out to lunch.  My suggestion, as I wanted to do something with my Mom and I know she enjoys going out.  We went to The Common Man, as I know their Sunday Brunch is exceptional.  EXCEPT... that they didn't have it on Mothers day!  Huge disappointment, as their selection is vast and my mom would have loved it.  As for me, eh.  The food was good.  Hubby enjoyed his meal, as did my Mom.  Confession time.  A little piece of me isn't happy with going out to eat anymore.  I guess I mourn the days of old where going out to dinner meant an indulge-fest.  Drink, food, laugh, drink some more...  I know it'll get better, and the behavioral change is in the works, and what I need to embrace to not go back to that ginormous me lifestyle of before.  Just because I recognize it for what it is doesn't make it less... uncomfortable.  I just keep telling myself that the limitations are temporary, and to embrace whatever I'm feeling about it all.  
Le Sigh!  Have been Jonesing for a Margarita lately.  Spring time, the patio furniture is on the deck.  Its what we do evenings.  Blender of the last 2 yrs was broken during cleaning a couple weeks ago, and got a great deal on this one thru Kohls.  Couldn't resist!  It showed up on Saturday, and we had a nice mello maiden voyage!  I had a few sips.  Ok, about half a glass.  Using the Skinny Girl Margarita mix, my body tolerated the sugar content and just gave me a quick, room spinny kinda buzz.  Whew.  I'm a little embarrassed to say how relieved I was, to be able to tolerate the drink.  My life is not over.  LOL.  

My mothers day gift to myself was to get my butt back to Zumba.  It was fun.  Hard.  Embarrassing.  (A lot of new steps/songs, and I was the only new person.  Luckily I know the instructor, and most of the participants, so eh, embarrassment short lived.  Also gave me a chance to laugh at myself, which is always good!)  Burned ... idk, I'd say about 500 calories, maybe?  The calorie counters vary greatly on how that.  Suffice it to say I went to bed with about half a pound in excess caloric burn last night. (3500cals = 1 lb!) Today, my hips burn.  Not the bones, the muscles.  That's a good thing!  Starting the 30 day squat challenge today as well, so burn is gonna be my middle name for awhile.  It's all good (yo), and what I want for my life.  Won't you join me?
As a side note, I surveyed my friends on Facebook, asking what their favorite workout music was.  Trying to get some play lists together to help with the boredom.  Got some great answers, and discovered a new group that I look forward to getting to know.  Cake!
One reply was "Soft Kitty".  lol, that would be my mom, who abhors exercise.  Hehe.  My girlfriends husband, GI Joe-type, Dean, replied with this: "-I don't listen to music when I work out. I want the pain and agony to go without relief- Just embrace "the suck" Come to love "the suck" just become one with "the suck" I have found that this technique was what really helped me get through the last three combat tours and all the PT I had to do at Infantry School and Airborne School-I hope this helps! "   Hmmm, embrace the Suck, eh Dean?  I reserve the right to comment on that one, but will give it a try.  Maybe!

So, down 89lbs.  The loss is slowing down, as my stomach is able to tolerate more foods that aren't protein.  MODERATION, Beck!  I assume it'll pick up again as I get back into an aerobic/cardio routine of some sort.  Noticed the brush full of hair yesterday when I was styling it, so the hair loss has started.  I've not been good about taking my supplements: Vit D, Calcium, Magnesium, B12 complex, Prilosec and Flintstones Multivits.  Striving to do better.  Considering a checklist of daily "duties".  It's helped in the past, ala Flylady et al.  

HEY!  If you've read this far, how bout leaving me a comment?  I don't MIND writing this for my health, but it'd be nice to hear your thoughts and feedback, and to know this is reaching SOMEONE!  It's all about helping each other, and if my blog helps just one person to ease their journey, then it's worth it!  
Namaste , and remember, FEEL THE BURN!  Embrace the SUCK!  (chuckle)


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