Thursday, January 14, 2016

Just imagine...

1.3 BILLION dollars!  That's what the megabucks is at right now.  I hafta admit, I sent my son down to the local market to pick up a ticket.  It only takes ONE, right?  I don't regularly play.  Not sure why not.  There's something exciting about dreaming of the possibilities.  Naively, I ignore the inconveniences for the time being.  So, let's see...  In no particular order:

  • pay off the mortgage
  • buy a new car, maybe that loaded Rubicon I've been trying to design for myself
  • It goes without saying that I'd pay off all my bills, OUR bills.  
  • Yes, I'd consult a lawyer about HOW to invest/set aside money for our kids, our kids kids etc.  
  • I'd pay off my foster fathers hospital bills, as well as other close family members
  • The kids.  I'd start off by putting money aside for the grandkids educations...  
  • then I'd buy homes for each of my kids, as well as new cars, etc. 
  • Charities.  Yes, of course.  Let's see.  I'd start with the womens half-way house/recovery house that is being proposed in the Dover area.  I'd probably start a foundation and focus on homeless people, womens health, safe houses.  
  • I'd donate monies to help military families reconnect and carry on life after their troop comes back from deployment
  • I'd have a play space.  a house/building, with different play rooms according to interests at that time.  
  • My friends would have homes (or RVs) that afforded them the ability to live closer to me.
  • My job.  Yeah, I'd quit it.  I think I've had enough of death for awhile.  I'd hafta figure out what to do to maintain my nursing license, but my days of having to work would be over.  
  • My husband, he'd have the option to quit work as well.  
  • Our dog would go to a trainer and quit his annoying behaviors
  • new, cat proof furniture
  • I'd have a housekeeper, and a grounds person, who lived nearby and comes in every day to keep my house clean and uncluttered. 
It occurs to me tho, as I'm "dreaming", that I have a  feeling of unrest.  Unsettling.. these aren't things I really desire.  Those things can't be bought with millions.  a few: 
  • A big fat rewind button.  I'd rewind time and take my mom to the beach one more time.  We'd make cookies together again, and watch one more episode of Big Bang Theory.  I'd hug her more, listen to her longer, say Thank you one last time.
  • Time.  There would be more hours in the day.  Just for a while, there'd be no pending deadlines for paperwork.  No need to get "just one more hour" of sleep because work is at 11... Time to read, and listen to music and write and quilt and rubber stamp and cook dinners with my daughter.  
  • A teleportation device.  I'd go back several decades and talk with my Grandpa again.  Zip back to Hawaii and that awesome day at Hakanauma bay with the family, or Toms PIR.  I'd read to my granddaughter during our "sleep over" and lay on the Chaise in Puerto Rico reading a book and drink in hand.  I'd be able to snap my fingers and be in Claremont to visit a friend who is 2 hrs away, another snap and I'd be in Fairbanks to play in the snow with the Grands, or snap! In GA helping my boy pack for his move to Kauai.  
There's a message in there somewhere, about cherishing time more, unplugging and getting back to basics, being present in the minute.  

Sigh.  Just imagine.